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new and need help :-/

Ok, so i have this really good friend, hes more like a brother than a friend. Ive liked him for almost ever, practically 12 years (is that normal first of all?). We've been getting a lot closer lately, but he never seems to want 'a relationship' and a part of me doesnt blame him, cause i know how relationships ruin everything once theyre over. I just dont know what to do...So he asked me to the movies and dinner last night, i went and had the best time (anytime with him is good), and then i was talking to this girl last night, and she has a boyfriend, and theyre gettin more and more serious lately, and shes like yea i like (the guy i was with that night) too like a lot. Ok second question, can you really be dating one guy and liking another so much, ive never tried it, but i guess im not that much of an attention seeker like she is. So the thing I need help with is being able to tell this guy how i feel about him, i dont think he knows how i really feel, should i tell him? I just dont know, cause i wouldnt want to ruin the amazing friendship we have now. I cant stop thinking about him, and it breaks my heart everyday to think of him with someone else. How come guys are so hard to understand and evil...yet we still love them to death. Some help or hits or anything would be a HUGE help. thanks for at least listening. keep smiling:):):) ~Hannah~
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