Niki (dietcolawhore) wrote in dear_nik_n_ash,

New and could really use some advice.

I am a lesbien.I have a friend who is a girl trapped inside a guy's body. He is bi-sexual and is very interested in me. I am a tom boy but I am not a guy trapped inside a girl's body. I am a girl. The few ties I have been interested in him were when we got a chance to talk and he showed me an inner strength that I found very beautiful.
When we cuddled once, I got uncomfertable and he tried to stop me from moving and for a moment I felt very much like a blow up doll. Doesn't my comfert mater? There is slight chemestry at times. But at other times he just drives me crazy. He's judgemental and his facial expressions and comments border on creepy. But then when I get to spend time alone with him and we talk, I realize I do care for him. But I'm not sure if it is in a friend way or a more then friend way.

I like girls. I am attrac6ed to girls. He is a guy. He has his flaws but that is common of humans. We all have our flaws.

I'm not good at rejecting him. The way I act when we have our good moments borders on leading him on. I knw I do lead him on. I am really bad at being assertive when it comes to telling people I'm not interested. I ama shy girl trapped inside a brave girl's body. I know this is cruel and I try to over come. But I don't even know if am interested in him. I am just mixed up.
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