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i'm in a relasonship with one of my good friends. since we've been going out we really haven't talked. it seems like he's ignoring me. and, i'm going to his house the 4th of july and, i'm scared that he is going to ignore me there because of his friends. what should i do about it?
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sorry it took so long to respond, nikki and i didn't think people still posted here so i haven't checked 'til now haha

sounds like your boyfriend is scared and may be rethinking his decisions to being more than friends with you. that's why it's always iffy when 2 really really good friends get together and should be thought through (all the pros and cons that can come out of making that decision) before taking that step and becoming a couple. it sounds like you're fine with everything, but like i said, he seems scared. don't continue to let him ignore really should talk to him about this and see how he feels. anyway i hope i made sense and helped alittle...and let us know how the 4th. of july went when you went over his house! :)